2 April 2012


and so i`m writing this as I feel a little bit better

So much things happened. I was food poisoned twice in March. and now, im having flu like its not even gonna end. yes, it has been a week. and for your information , the doctor sucked my blood twice. First blood test, I was kind of schocked because the woman working at the clinic said that I have to take another blood test.

Because the doctor afraid that my blood would go down further. haaa? I dont know what did she mean by that. Medical things.Perhaps.

And so, I had the second test which the result will be out anytime. Regarding the first test the doctor told me that my platelets were ok. but a lil bit worrying to my white blood cell because they are totally out of range. If the test is the same, I have to take further treatment.

Im not worried about myself. Im worried about my mama.
She has been crying a lot. asked me to eat this, eat that.dont eat this dont eat that.

WBC y u no NORMAL?!

I`ll update soon. cya!



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