4 August 2016

It's 2016

Hello there, It has been almost 3 years since I was last here and still wondering if anyone would read my blog haha

koya je speaking. Anyway, I haven't been writing in English, not even a simple essay since high school. And I thought I could give it a try. Lets see. High school was like 6 or 7 years ago haha. I bet my English is getting worse and I have been using German and Malay back and forth. God knows how terrible it is trying to switch from German to English and back to Malay when you talk to someone.

And if you are wondering how old I am now, I am 24. And still the old me. I enjoy reading my old posts here in my blog. I can say I definitely had a lot to talk about back then :D

Life was hard on me since 2011, well even until now. I am currently in my last semester of Bachelor Degree. I certainly still need support from people around me and to be honest, they are the reason why I am still here now. Other than the Almighty God, obviously.

I will write my post in Malay too, don't worry. I can say I am more comfortable to write in Malay since it's my mother tongue but I have no problem writing in English too, depending on the mood and trying to reduce the grammar errors too. Blerghhh grammar sucks lol.




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